in Baltic Amber

This piece of Baltic amber contains a spider (Araneida) and a fly. Apparently in the death throws of the fly, there were 5 Nematodes that decided to "abandon ship". They apparently came out of the abdominal area and tried their best to get away from the dying fly. Needless to say, their fate was sealed 45 million years ago. They could not get out of the sticky resin and found the same death trap that the fly did. They remain there today, despite the desperate attempt to escape.




One the things that strikes us as we looked at this specimen is that this is a " text book example". One always sees the exceptional dramatic image of the escaping nematodes in text books. But you never really see them for real. Here it is - the images that adorn text books can be in your collection.









This is so rare, that until this year I had never seen (first hand) Nematodes in amber. It is simply amazing to look at this piece. If you want the specimen that anyone will always ' take a second look', then this is it. Simply amazing, simply beautiful, simply astounding.

Don't forget to look at the entire piece of Baltic amber: Scanned Image!